Though it may sound taboo, worshipping the sun for its mental, physical and spiritual benefits has been around since the beginning of mankind. 


Ancient Egyptians believed in the sun for its physical effects, aristocratic Greek and Roman physicians swore by sunbathing for its mental effects and the ancient Taoists put their balls to the sun for its spiritual effects.


Wait, the ancient Taoists put their balls to the sun? Yes, you read that correctly. The ancient Taoists believed the perineum and our sacrum chakra is the gate between life and death. Without sunlight on this area, energy is unable to flow throughout our entire body and otherwise becomes stagnant. 


More recently, health & wellness guru’s have adopted this practice into their lives and found that letting the sun shine where it doesn’t has a number of benefits that a Vitamin D supplement or testosterone booster simply can’t replicate. 


To list a few:


  1. Boosts androsterone: Studies show that sun exposure of the chest and back compared to sun exposure on the genitals resulted in a 200% increase in androsterone - the pheromone of testosterone. This is what ladies smell when you walk in the room.
  2. Increases testicular function: Sunlight exposure directly on the testes boosts production in the leydig cells - the cells that produce, synthesize and secrete testosterone.